CRM Care is ready

We Belgians love our food and drink. We enjoy meeting family and friends and eating and drinking into the night. This has been part of our culture for decades and it is beneficial to us all.

It has been scientifically proven that eating together makes us happier and healthier. Recent research has also shown that things are not going so well at the moment when it comes to Belgian mental health. We need interaction and relaxation now more than ever. And, let’s be honest, what could be better than a sunny terrace or a welcoming restaurant?

So, it’s high time that the doors of the hospitality industry were flung open so we can once again focus on this type of experience.

Turning doubts into deeds

Time is short, pressure is high. We all want to get back to normal life. Instead of wasting our time wondering whether this can be done safely, we are turning these doubts into concrete actions. That is exactly what CRM Care has been doing recently. We focused on solving the problem and this resulted in an all-in solution which enables the hospitality industry to open up and offer unique experiences once again.

Only the best is safe enough

First of all, there are the high-risk zones in a restaurant that must be tackled. These could include door handles at the entrance and in the toilets, tables, chairs and so on. When bacteria land on these items, they cannot be completely removed (i.e. killed) by installing air purifiers. The air flow from these devices is simply not strong enough to suck up the microscopic, small viruses and bacteria. Opening windows every now and then is useful but does not offer a solution to eliminating these unwanted ‘beasts’.

A better and more efficient method for thoroughly disinfecting is to use an atomiser that does its work when there are no customers in the business, i.e. during the night or over 2 shifts. By tackling viruses and bacteria with an atomiser, the corresponding concentrations are so drastically reduced that the chance of infection remains virtually zero all day.

This all-in solution also includes adding copper to door handles. Yes, you read that right: copper! It is no secret that this raw material has antimicrobial properties. Why do you think that our ancestors commonly made sinks, fountains, handles and other items out of copper? Copper has been used as a weapon in the war on viruses and bacteria for years simply because these organisms are eliminated on copper surfaces. It is therefore the ideal method for using at locations in the hospitality industry which pose a significant risk as they are touched so often.

CRM Care is ready to return to ‘normal’. Not tomorrow, but as of yesterday. Our CRM FOG in combination with copper coverings for handles and knobs is the all-in solution for safely opening up the hospitality industry and restoring the unique experiences that we have been missing for so long.

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