With the aim of taking the ‘human’ elements and the corresponding concerns off companies’ hands, the CRM Group set up the CRM CARE branch. This offers a series of products which optimise the well-being of employees. One of the latest products is the CRM FOG; a device which destroys bacteria, micro-organisms and viruses in the blink of an eye.

‘This certified fogger sprays a dry, invisible and disinfecting mist, comprising stabilised hydrogen peroxide, and thus renders viruses and bacteria harmless’, explains Dimitri Deneyer, project manager for CRM FOG. ‘The technology ensures that both the space and all the surfaces are made virus-free’.

‘We also make the difference with our software; the device is easy to programme and has a sensor which makes the spray automatically stop if movement is detected.’

Quick and carefree

CRM FOG works efficiently and sprays an average room in just 2 minutes. After 20 minutes, the space will be accessible again. The fogger also scores well in relation to user-friendliness. Thanks to its wheels and handle, it is easily moved around.

‘The delivery and installation are our responsibility, as is maintaining and replenishing the fogger. In effect, we take all your worries off your hands by using a rental system. We can also continue to provide software updates for new COVID variants which may need a longer spray. We monitor everything extremely closely and adjust software if necessary.’


CRM CARE is not only a solution for small and large rooms, but also for an entire company building or a large, covered space. CRM FOG can be used almost anywhere, from a residential care centre with separate housing units, catering businesses, or event locations, to office buildings and public spaces.

‘Other disinfection solutions with wet sprays often cause problems with technical devices, such as Bancontact devices or fire detectors. This is not the case with the dry mist emitted by our device. The technology creates a fine spray which will cause no problems to your electronics or fire detection systems and extra work or costs can be avoided.’

Why is it needed after all the vaccinations?

CRM FOG is an extra tool, a device that reduces the chance of further infection. ‘When you are vaccinated, you can still carry the virus, contaminate working areas, and put your colleagues at risk. Also, it does not just tackle the COVID-19 virus. Bacteria, mould, other viruses, such as the norovirus, and even scabies, will be completely eliminated by the fogger.’

Want to make your company or workplace virus-free? Contact us on 056 36 14 80 and Dimitri will advise you on the application options during an online meeting. You can find further information in this video.

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