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The liquid we use is made up of stabilised hydrogen peroxide at various concentrations and is non-corrosive. The liquid that the CRM Fog sprays is made up of droplets so small that they are atomised as a dry, invisible mist. Thanks to the powerful pressure that is used to spray the mist, our CRM Fog has many advantages over most other atomisers.

The device uses just 250 ml to disinfect the air and all the various surfaces in a space of 250m³, right into the tiniest corners.

The dimensions of the CRM Fog are: 24 x 24 x 77.1 cm.

The dimensions of the CRM Fog Compact are: 40 x 24 x 37 cm

The CRM Fog sprays the disinfectant liquid in such a way that it is emitted as a dry, invisible mist. This mist spreads through the space and into the tiniest corners and leaves no residues, which means that all your electronic devices are safe.

Yes, the CRM Fog tackles all viruses, bacteria and mould in interior spaces. The liquid is sprayed in such a fine mist that even the tiniest corners in the rooms are disinfected. Table bases, keyboards, pens… The CRM Fog disinfects and sterilises everything!

The length of the process varies depending on the size and geometry of the room. A room of around 250 m³ can be disinfected in around 4 minutes (excluding contact time). The full fogging cycle takes between 45 minutes and an hour. This allows the mist to completely disappear so that the room is safe to use again.

We recommend allowing the device to work its magic every time a room has been used. In the morning, working spaces could be disinfected, for example, before your employees arrive. This will ensure that your employees are coming into a sterile and safe working environment. If possible, you are advised to ‘fog’ the area when people leave the room. The more often you do this, the less chance viruses and bacteria have to accumulate and the safer the space will be.

The CRM Fog has all the required safety certificates and our disinfectant fluid is approved by the FPS Public Health.

The device is fitted with wheels for extra mobility. This allows the CRM Fog to be moved safely and easily throughout the company.

If you encounter a complication with the unit, we will help you within 2 working days. You also have a 2-year guarantee with the CRM Fog.

We provide updates remotely. When, for example, a new virus emerges, we can adapt our spraying time in order to effectively tackle the new hazard. We can also completely adjust the atomisation process according to your needs or problems regarding bacteria, viruses and mould.

The CRM Fog will indicate when the atomisation process has been completed via a green light on the device. The interface will also show when the process has finished.

Our device can be supplied with remote displays. We have basic and advanced versions of these. These displays show when the device is working and when you can go back into the room.

The liquid is completely biodegradable and the bottles in which it is supplied are collected by us to be ecologically processed. So, you have no waste to deal with!

The unit will be delivered free of charge, by us, within 2 weeks.

The disinfectant liquid will be supplied, without a delivery charge, in units of 12 litres (12 x 1 litre bottles).

The device works on 230 volts. You can plug the unit into any ordinary socket.

Yes, we have recommendations from all sectors. Since COVID-19, awareness regarding disinfecting has increased dramatically and this will continue into the future. Many people and businesses have only just realised that certain departments were a long way from being hygienic.