In order to eliminate bacteria, viruses and mould from rooms and surfaces in an effective, safe and cost-effective way, you are best looking for an integrated solution that goes further than just purifying or replacing the air. ‘Just using ventilation and air cleansing is inadequate and expensive’, says Roland Maes, CEO of CRM Group.

Text: Joris Hendrickx

‘Not every workplace has ventilation options. Professional air purifiers with a HEPA filter also add up to high costs, both in terms of purchase and usage. Furthermore, they only clean the air, not the surfaces. Mould, bacteria and viruses are not cleaned up by air purifiers and are left on all the various contact points, where they can survive for some time.’

‘Typical problem areas include meeting rooms, shared offices, coffee machines, copiers, door handles, toilets, public transport, and so on. In short, anywhere where people often gather and/or touch certain surfaces with their hands. Furthermore, it is often difficult to maintain an adequate distance, allowing virus particles to travel from them to you.’

Mould, bacteria and viruses are not cleaned up by air purifiers and are left on all the various surfaces.

Disinfecting air and surfaces

‘In order to tackle these issues in an integrated manner, we developed the CRM FOG. This atomises and sprays hydrogen peroxide, the best disinfection agent around. The device is fully automated and requires no operation. Often, it is set up to spray the mist into the room for a few minutes during the night. This mist is invisible to the naked eye as it is made up of minute droplets. As a result, it is spread evenly through the air, as well as onto and in between all the various surfaces.

‘Of course, the device offers huge added value in the corona era but it has already been used very effectively for several years in the catering industry. In this sector, its effectiveness and affordability has been proven compared to air purifiers and ventilation systems. Each disinfection moment costs just a few euros because very little hydrogen peroxide is required due to the fine mist that is emitted.’

Maximum safety

‘Our CRM FOG is completely safe but we do not recommend it being used in the vicinity of people. The ideal moments are during the night and/or afternoon breaks. Two sprays a day will ensure that the space is adequately disinfected. When the space is used again, the concentration of hazardous particles will again accumulate but you will remain a long way below the concentrations which can lead to infection.’


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