WAREGEM – Waregem-based entrepreneur Roland Maes of the CRM Group (software applications for businesses) has worked with several partners to create a new device that can tackle this notorious virus efficiently. In-depth research has demonstrated that the new technology is capable of cleansing surfaces and the air of bacteria, mould, viruses and much more. It is primarily intended for use within the hospitality sector, care homes, businesses and fitness centres.

Roland Maes refers to this new project as a spin-off of his CEO’s 4 Climate-action (C4C) which he founded earlier this year. With C4C, he wanted to raise awareness within the world of business with respect to the environment and initiate actions which will support a better world. Now, he has created a fogger device which uses a spray to fight the corona virus and other hazards.

‘For years, I was seeking a solution to disinfecting surfaces to eliminate bacteria such as salmonella in the catering industry’, explains Maes. ‘The issue was raised by my brother Herman, who founded Maes Inox (a leading business in the construction of large kitchens).  COVID has allowed us to move forward with this and find a solution that kills viruses and, more specifically, COVID-19. The fogger or atomiser was created to kill various micro-organisms, including mould, bacteria, spores and viruses in the air and on surfaces.

Software of the future

Maes could not and did not want to do it alone though, as the fogger needed the necessary electronic and software expertise. He therefore sought out the necessary partnerships. One of the parties concerned was the aforementioned Maes Inox, as an expert in catering needs. The other partners to come on board were electronics-specialist Quicksand, designer Blackbirds (to find the right components) and Roam Tec (for the appropriate biocide). CRM, the company owned by Roland Maes, was responsible for the software on the basis of IoT (internet of things). ‘Cloud software is a must if you have to operate thousands of foggers both at home and abroad’, says Maes.

Project on home soil

Roland Maes is rightly proud of his achievements. He now has all the relevant permits, including the vital permit from the FPS Public Health for the use of the biocide (i.e. stabilised hydrogen peroxide) in a broad application spectrum, such as in the food sector. ‘This fogger solution is also the most effective and safest solution in light of everything that can be integrated in terms of technology’, adds Maes. ‘Also, most aspects of the device were designed on Flemish soil, allowing us to work in the spirit of C4C and minimise our ecological footprint.’

Hundreds of examples of this fogger device have now been supplied.

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