When you think sport, you think blood, sweat and tears, either from happiness or disappointment. The sporting world is a world where many people (and emotions) come together at various locations. This includes stadiums full of die-hard supporters, a changing room full of sweaty athletes, or a briefing room full of enthusiastic employees. The past year, in particular, has shown that success in the sporting world depends on the health of the sports people, employees and supporters. For this reason, CRM Care would like to ensure healthy and safe spaces in the sporting world too. And this goes without saying because ‘eliminating concerns’ is in our DNA.

Safely towards victory

The football World Cup, Olympic Games, Tour de France and Roland Garros. All these top sporting events are back on the agenda this year to the delight of many supporters, employees and, of course, the teams and players. In an (almost) post-corona era, the greatest challenge for these huge events is to organise everything safely. And we mean ‘safely’ quite literally, i.e. the provision of bacteria and virus-free accommodation for the competitors and athletes. This includes changing rooms, reception areas, sports halls, and so on. But there must also be a focus on a safe working environment for employees and safe areas for supporters where fans can cheer their favourite athlete or team to the top.

Killing 3 birds with 1 stone

At KV Kortrijk, the players have been showering in a virus-free changing room since the arrival of the CRM FOG but they are not the only ones to benefit from this unique technology. The many employees and supporters of the West-Flemish football team are full of praise for the disinfection device, which sprays out a dry and invisible mist. Their broadcasting area is regularly disinfected with the CRM FOG to ensure that employees can do their jobs safely.

‘We have a complete sense of safety. This is down to the CRM FOG which disinfects the interior spaces. Microphones, chairs, and many other things, are fully disinfected. This allows us to keep doing our job safely.’ says Yves Eggermont, Stadium broadcaster K.V.K.

 CRM FOG Keeps KV Kortrijk Safe & Virus-free!

Solution that leaves no trace

At Lotto Soudal, the ‘foggers’ from CRM Care have become an integral part of their tour buses. This type of bus is a great breeding ground for bacteria. Just think how many handles and latches are touched and then there’s the seat covers… A thorough and detailed disinfection is vital in this type of setting! The mist that is sprayed by CRM FOG kills all the micro-organisms in the air and on all surfaces in the bus, even in the curtains, carpets and upholstery. Once the runners enter the tour bus to drive to the start location, there are no traces of the disinfection process because the dry mist leaves no residues. The team members of Lotto Soudal can then head out to the next leg of the race feeling safe and reassured.

‘In this COVID pandemic, it is our priority to keep the risk of spread as low as possible. As well as masks, hand-washing and ventilation, the disinfection of our tour bus means we can offer additional protection to our cyclists. Thanks to the CRM FOG, this process is both quick and efficient!’ adds Steven Bex, team doctor for Lotto Soudal.

Equine sport is staying safe too

Even in the world of horses, and specifically at Waregem Draaft, partner of the ultimate horse race, Waregem Koerse, the CRM FOG has become firmly established to keep their dressing rooms, meeting rooms, reception and other indoor spaces free of viruses.

CRM Care supports a safe and virus-free sporting summer! Want to get involved? Discover all our solutions and support your favourite team or athlete with peace of mind.

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