The CRM FOG spreads a dry, invisible, disinfecting mist through all of your interior spaces. The highly technical device atomises the disinfectant liquid in such small droplets that it leaves no wet trace on any surfaces.

Our fogger is the only one in Belgium to do so!



The liquid that is sprayed tackles all micro-organisms, including bacteria, viruses and mould, via a composition of stabilised hydrogen peroxide at various concentrations. The benefits of spraying with H2O2 are that the product is biodegradable, forms no residues, is not toxic or carcinogenic, and is not corrosive if it is sprayed dry.

The spraying process uses very little fluid. For a space of 250 m³, just 250 ml is required to disinfect all surfaces and the air. You don’t need to worry about any electrical devices either, as the dry mist does not leave any wet residues.


The CRM Fog can work entirely autonomously due to the integrated software. You simply set the device to automatically spray at set times, e.g. in the office at 6 am so that the employees can come into work with complete peace of mind.

The device also has movement detectors, which will automatically stop the machine if a person is detected in the immediate vicinity. The CRM Fog also indicates when it is working, via a red and green light. The software is regularly updated and we provide a 2-year guarantee.


For extra mobility, wheels are fitted to the device. This allows you to move the CRM Fog easily to the room, hall or space where it is needed.


The device has all the necessary certificates, including one from FPS Public Health and a CE certificate. Laboratory tests have also been conducted by an independent body and these showed excellent results with respect to effectiveness.

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