Waregem, 27 January – After the outbreak of the British corona variant in residential care unit De Groene Verte in Houthulst, the CRM Group provided their CRM FOG disinfection device. This helped the company tackle the COVID-19 virus and to keep the centre virus-free. According to Maxime Huyghe, prevention adviser in the residential care unit, it was a complete success.

When CRM Group heard that there was a corona outbreak at residential care unit De Groene Verte, it offered immediate support with its innovative disinfection system. CRM FOG means the staff at the unit do not need to carry out any manual disinfection processes and guarantees that every surface is virus and bacteria free in the blink of an eye.

‘If a room is infected, the CRM FOG can be placed in the space and after 5 minutes of spraying, the room is completely clean. The device disinfects quicker and more thoroughly than a person could’, says Maxime Huyghe, prevention adviser in the care centre. ‘A big advantage is that the device not only disinfects the obvious surfaces but also the walls and curtains. Washing curtains is very time-consuming and we can now disinfect everything in just a few minutes.’

The device sprays a dry mist, based on stabilised hydrogen peroxide, through interior spaces and leaves no traces. It is also fully certified and recognised by FPS Public Health as a tool for tackling COVID-19.

CRM Group aims to continue to help businesses with their unique fogger and to thus help in the battle against corona. CRM FOG kills viruses, bacteria and mould in all interior spaces, including catering outlets, fitness areas, and also work floors.

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