Waregem, 29 April 2021 | Now that the terraces at bars and cafés can once again open up to customers, hospitality businesses are keen to welcome customers back indoors too. CRM Group from Waregem has anticipated this issue and created an all-in solution which allows hospitality businesses to safely welcome customers into interior spaces. Furthermore, this all-in solution which comprises a smart atomiser and copper strips eliminates the need for further, manual disinfection.

‘If we want to see the hospitality industry throwing open its doors and also prevent them having to close them again, we need an all-in solution that is both efficient and that saves employees from having to carry out ongoing cleaning and disinfection work.’ ‘Taking this concern off their hands allows them to focus on what really counts in the hospitality industry, i.e. providing the experience and relaxation that we have missed for so long.’

Because air purifiers do not kill all the viruses and bacteria found on door handles, tables, menus, cutlery, toilets and so on (the air flow simply isn’t strong enough), the CRM Group went a step further and developed a smart atomiser called the CRM FOG. This device sprays a dry, invisible and disinfecting mist through the interior spaces, at night and during two other shifts, which eliminates all micro-organisms, from mould to bacteria and viruses, on all surfaces and in the air. As a result, guests can be welcomed indoors too.

Adding copper to the various door handles, switches and taps, in turn, completes the all-in solution and allows the ‘old normal’ to be resumed. It is no secret that copper has antimicrobial properties. Our ancestors used it as a weapon in the fight against viruses and bacteria because copper quickly eliminates them from surfaces such as sinks, handles, etc. ‘Copper is ideal for applying in areas within the hospitality industry where there is a major risk due to frequent touching.’

As far as the Waregem-based IT company is concerned, the hospitality sector is ready to open their terraces and indoor spaces. They hope that, thanks to their innovative fogger and CU strips, hospitality business operators will be relieved of the task of disinfecting their premises and return to focusing on what they’re good at, i.e. providing culinary treats to their guests and offering an exceptional experience.

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