As a result of our combination, the safety of spaces can be taken to a higher level.

YAWI and Care By CEO’s 4 Climate offer personal guidance to businesses and independent contractors with respect to making the work floor as safe as possible; a risk analysis is drawn up for every room on the basis of air measurements in order to ensure that the right device is installed.

Care by CEO’s 4 Climate and YAWI would like to go a step further and are therefore joining hands. We, Care By CEO’s 4 Climate, ensure thorough surface disinfection with the CRM Fog. The mobile CRM Fog sprays a dry mist that renders micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria and mould harmless and makes the area 100% safe.

As well as the complete disinfection of any room, our multi-functional device along with the device from YAWI, which permanently disinfects the air, can also be used to create the right humidity levels and disinfect ventilation systems/air conditioning units. This combination will ensure the very highest degree of safety in the appropriate areas.

YAWI and Care By CEO’s 4 Climate both focus on creating a healthy environment and, in the future, will conduct the necessary risk analyses to support all public spaces in finding a route to a healthy interior climate.

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